The Dirty Rain Revelers consist of husband/wife duo, Matthew and Melissa DeOrazio, both on guitars and vocals.  The music they make has a kinetic energy that connects to roots and blues, and weaves in the human experience through the songs they share.   Both lifelong musicians, they’ve been playing together for 17 years under various guises and lineups.

Matthew and Melissa are both originally from music towns (DC and Austin, respectively).  They spent 14 years in New Orleans creating, performing, and recording.  To date, they’ve recorded five albums, toured nationally, performed at various festivals, built a home recording studio, and established their own music publishing company.   They have appeared three times on the television series NCIS: New Orleans, together with working on soundtracks and background music for several other productions.

Their latest album (Live from the Porch) was born out of pandemic life and the live-streams they shared from their New Orleans porch.  Through 2020, they recorded the majority of their weekly performances, which included many songs they would not normally perform live.  While their 2020 tour plans evaporated, an array of new songs, both original and covers, emerged from this time. By the end of 2020, they had recorded the basic tracks for a new studio album, and compiled a selection of livestream performances for a live album.

In the midst of the pandemic, they found themselves in search of sanctuary, space, and a change of pace.  To that end, in 2021 The Dirty Rain Revelers relocated themselves to another town known for music – Muscle Shoals, Alabama.  

Fast forward to 2022, and the live record finally got its turn to shine.  The songs chosen for Live from the Porch reflect the times we’ve all been living through, and yet have a timeless quality about them. 
Forever fans of Bob Dylan, The Dirty Rain Revelers chose to bookend their live album with two Dylan songs (Masters of War, 1963 and It’s Alright Ma, 1965).  These two songs set the tone for the mood of pandemic life and in particular, the mood of Summer 2020. 

Live from the Porch was released in March 2022 and is available here on the website, as well as on all streaming platforms.  The current times will find The Dirty Rain Revelers finishing their studio album, which began in New Orleans, and will wrap up in the Shoals.

The Dirty Rain Revelers are available to perform as a duo, or as a full band, adding bass/keys/strings and drums depending on the venue/occasion.
Check the Calendar page for updates on where they are.